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In 1978, Massachusetts enacted landmark legislation creating the State Ethics Commission. The enabling statute, Chapter 210 of the Acts and Resolves of 1978, revised and strengthened the existing conflict of interest law. In addition, it created a new financial disclosure law which, like the conflict of interest law, is interpreted and enforced civilly by the State Ethics Commission.

General Laws, Chapter 268B, the Massachusetts financial disclosure law, requires public officials, political candidates and certain public employees to disclose their and their immediate family member's private business associations and other financial interests on their Statements of Financial Interests or SFIs. The law covers all elected state and county officials and candidates for these positions as well as all state and county employees who are designated as holding major policymaking positions.

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Each SFI is a public record and contains a listing of a filer's and his or her immediate family's private financial interests. For example, it includes a filer's salary range, business holdings, government securities, stocks, bonds and other financial investments, real estate holdings and mortgage information. The SFI also includes a listing of gifts, honoraria and reimbursements received from certain sources during the calendar year in excess of $100. The filing of SFIs helps ensure that public servants at the state and county level are providing their undivided loyalty to the government that they work for and acting in the public interest rather than for private gain.

No DESIGNATED PUBLIC EMPLOYEE shall be allowed to continue in his duties or to receive compensation from public funds unless he has filed an SFI with the Commission. The Commission will immediately notify your agency if you fail to timely file.

A faxed or PDF copy of an SFI will not be accepted for filing.

If you were required to amend your SFI last year, we encourage you to carefully review your 2013 SFI before submitting your SFI for 2014.

If you are a new candidate for public office or your name does not appear on this list and you are required to file an SFI, please send an e-mail to the State Ethics Commission at or call Robert Milt, the Commission's Financial Disclosure Administrator and Analyst, at 617-371-9512.